Who ‘can’ run?

I always get told by people after I’ve been banging on about that last venture wherever it may be (and however long!) “Oh there is no way I could do that!” It’s one of them things that just makes me think “Why?” and in all fairness I suppose I would have thought the same a few years back.

The beauty of running comes from its simplicity. There need not be anything digital. Nothing to worry about. Nothing. Just you and the long, open road. Bliss yeah?

I’ve had a think about it and these are the five reasons I’d suggest anyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity etc, etc:

  • The Flexibility.

No other sport will allow YOU to choose as many options as running. You want to be in a club? Go for it! You want to run on your own? Great! There are no specific “fixtures” to speak of, only races. If you miss one? So what! You are in control of your own destiny. Sometimes life and injury and snotty noses get in the way, you’re letting nobody down by looking after Numero Uno.

  • Nobody is excluded.

No matter what, running accepts you. Other runners will also accept you! I mean, why wouldn’t they? You are doing exactly the same thing as them, putting yourself through exactly the same drill. Are you a three hour marathon finisher? Brilliant! Are you going to take the same time to run ten miles? Equally as good for you! By nature we are all shapes and size, have different commitments and limitations. Running brings us together.

  • It’s good for you (and doesn’t taste like steamed vegetables).

Both physically and mentally! It boosts your immunity to illness, improves your fitness and in turn can help to lose weight. The more you do it, the better you become. On the mental side of things I personally find running to be a good way of getting away from the digital life and relaxing. Just like going for a long walk it gives you a nice amount of head space and a chance to mull things over. … I don’t like steamed vegetables by the way.

  • It’s an excuse to travel.

This is my main pull to running nowadays. I don’t even mean jetting all over the other side of the world. I mean, if you can great, but even if you can’t I bet you can find a place within 50 miles that has a half marathon or 10k… and you’ve never ever been there. Go there! On route you might find your new favorite coffee shop or fall in to the arms of the love of your life you haven’t met yet. Key thing is you never know what’s around the next corner. Explore and enjoy the world around you.

  • It can be as cheap (or expensive) as you want it to be.

Again this depends entirely on the individual. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on running you do not have to. If you do? There is always someone out there to take you to a far flung corner of the world, rinsing you of every last penny in the name of a marathon. Sadly, due to the World Marathon Majors I fall in to the second camp.

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