Boston Marathon and London Marathon 2019 – Plans.

Okay, I’m writing this down here because I’ve currently got three spreadsheets open, four Firefox tabs (including this one) and a pen and paper in front of me.

April is going to be manic.

Not in a bad way, in a really REALLY good way, but still really manic.

I was looking through my diary today and realized that SIX WEEKS to this very day, I will be getting a coach from Birmingham to Heathrow to fly out to Boston. In the two weeks proceeding I have the Boston Marathon, a week long holiday in Edinburgh and a last minute place in to my third London Marathon.

“Last minute?” I hear you say, “How on earth did he manage that?”

WELL. I’m a VERY lucky boy. Every year I apply for the London Marathon through the ballot. Have done every year since I was 22. Even before I started running “properly”. Lucky me, I have managed to get in to London TWICE in the last three years through the ballot route. This year alas, no such luck. “Doesn’t matter anyway how much you’ve broken my heart and how much time I’ve spent checking my emails on ballot day” I say to myself, like a lover jilted at the alter. “Plenty more marathons in the sea but none quite like London“.

SO I book to take my beautiful fiance and step son up to Edinburgh for a week: Flights, apartment, the lot… Besides… it is our favorite place, I’ve got two weeks off work and it’ll be nice to go away during the Easter break.

Step forward a few months to the middle of January. I’m browsing through Facebook.

Win a London Marathon Place.”

Go on Clydesdale Bank I’m listening…

We’ve got ten places to give away, simply post your best finishers photo underneath and we’ll pick ten to run in this years LONDON MARATHON

This is my entry…

Would you believe it, I won! The elation! How lucky am I?

Then the realization, I am in Scotland from eight days before the marathon to the evening before the marathon…. when I fly back to Birmingham.

Two things:

  • How am I going to get my number from the London Expo? For those who don’t know, London numbers are not mailed and have to be picked up.
  • How am I going to get from Birmingham to London and Sleep?

Okay the second point is pretty easy. I’ve booked a Travelodge in Wimbledon. Yeah, it’s a fair way outside of central London but was the closest I could be while keeping it affordable. Transport wise I can get a train from Birmingham International to Euston, then the tube to Wimbledon hopefully by about 10pm.

The first point was the main problem. How am I going to get the number? I could ask one of my friends to pick it up for me but I don’t really want to burden them with that and with my late arrival on the Saturday they would have to be up silly early on Sunday morning to pass it on to me.

Then it hit me.

LONDON CITY AIRPORT! Literally right next door to the Expo. Straight on to Google Flights, straight on the phone to the better half. Early morning flight from Edinburgh to London City on the Wednesday then return at lunchtime on the same day? Β£80? Yes!

I love my better half. She really is my better half. Before even asking if I could sacrifice the best part of a day of our holiday to traipse down to pick up a London number, she was more or less telling me to book flights.

So yeah, this is my plan for April starting with the Thursday before Boston.

  • Wednesday – Finish Work for Holidays.
  • Thursday – Coach to London Heathrow and Premier Inn for Night.
  • Friday – Fly to Boston.
  • Saturday – BAA 5km.
  • Sunday – Red Sox Game and Rest.
  • Monday – Boston Marathon and SIX STAR FINISHER MEDAL.
  • Tuesday – Nurse Hangover from Marathon Monday.
  • Wednesday – Brewery Tour, drink and possibly drink more.
  • Thursday – Overnight Flight into the following day.
  • Friday – Get back to Birmingham (Celebrate with more beer).
  • Saturday – Fly up to Edinburgh.
  • Sunday – Easter Sunday. Happy Kinder Egg Day to me.
  • Monday – Drink.
  • Tuesday – Drink….
  • Wednesday – Return flight Edinburgh to London. Pick up Race Number. have a drink at the airport….
  • Thursday – Drink……
  • Friday – Get fed up of drink……
  • Saturday – Evening flight back to Birmingham from Edinburgh, train from Birmingham to London, hopefully by Midnight.
  • Sunday – LONDON MARATHON NUMBER THREE and train home.
  • Monday – Start back at work at 6am.

…. AND THAT WILL BE IT FOR THE YEAR. No more holidays…. Lot’s of marathons but no more holidays… Okay my Stag party in Vegas, but I’m not counting that as a Holiday because I don’t know what’s going to be done to me on that one. Watch this space. I’ll probably be as surprised as you.

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